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User Review

j'arrete demain's review - Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II

Transistor amplifier
700W @ 4 ohms, 460W @ 8 Ohms
2 output jacks, 2 Speakon (for bi-amp with speakers GK)
4-band equalizer: Bass @ 60Hz, @ 250Hz Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid @ 1kHz, @ 7 kHz Treble
Voicing Filters:
String Bass Button 11 db @ 20Hz
Contour 2 db @ 50Hz /
-10db @ 500Hz /
3 dB @ 7 kHz
Presence 9 db @ 10kHz
Triple pole constant voltage crossover at 5kHz crossover


There are still a lot of controls that can be disconcerting at first because the combinations are multiple ... It will satisfy the technogourous. For the lazy like me, the ideal is to start from a position "while at noon" and then tweaking (I still often like that and it does it well).
The sound is very powerful (have speakers who cash really the advertised power: we arrive at 1476 W peak!). It can be bright or bold, a little way Gayon lamps with the boost knob ... Versatile


All styles, without exception
I play with music man stingray 5 and 4 string, 5 string Vigier passion, washburn 6 string fretless ... no effect. All sounds are possible but remember that it is designed to play hard, we must have clear sounds to avoid bogging down the band's sound ... A low volume or recording, you can push the "boost" to restore to all balls.


I played on a 700RB for years I spent in 1001 to save power. Otherwise, the same product and I remain faithful ... Power, versatility, reliability and compactness, of course comes at a price but the dollar is low, it's time to enjoy it.
One regret: not having the 2-channel system (light / full) series of economic brand (backline)