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User Review

Good amp - Reviews Ampeg BA600 115

Value For Money : Excellent
This amp has two channels without Ampeg footswitch. 1 Vintage with preamp tube and basic settings. The other channel is more modern settings. There a compressor that is of good quality in my opinion. The advertised power is 600 watts but I do not think he can develop. No connection for a cab. It has an adjustable twitter.


The configuration is simple in appearance, but the settings are extremely comprehensive, the knobs do their job. Getting a good sound is possible without problem, and by setting good, VERY good sound is obtained.


I play mostly rock with a Jazz Bass Mexico and a Gibson SG Bass. He excels in this type of music and brings out the personalities of my basses. He collects the distortion well, knowing that I play on the Vintage channel most of the time. The sound is round and very fat.


So I use it for over a year and it has never failed me. You can read many negative reviews on this amp as being made in China, some models often fall down. Mine never (knock on wood).
The good points:
- Lightweight
- Good value for money (Cygnus)
- Lamps
- 2 channels

Bad points:
- No connection to an enclosure more
- Power 600 watts non-exploitable