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User Review

cancer_WWW's review - Laney BC120

Any transistor amp
120 watts
an HP 15-inch tweeter, but no
2 inputs: one active, one passive
A compressor unfortunately not adjustable
2 buttons boost: a serious and an acute
6-band equalizer 1 plus 1 and a low setting of acute
2 DI outputs: one in front and an XLR jack with a 6.35 rear
An effects loop
1 headphone jack

Also note that HP is disconnected [to play with headphones or transplanted to another cabinet] and changeable.

I put 9 in the compressor which is not adjustable, it's a shame.
Also note that the first series were produced in Britain [to 1995 i believe] and the rest in China, the quality suffers tremendously, so be careful before you buy.


A config could not be more simple.
One branch is the rule and equalo hop, go!
Not a single wind noise even at the bottom, the sound is super clear with really deep bass and treble well defined.
A little tweeter would have made even better but an ancestor, one can not too much to ask either!
The DI are two great practices especially for where we live is transplanted directly into the multicore.
Also note that the manual [rather succinct but ... it's not super hard to navigate!] is findable in PDF on the site Laney is appreciable when one loses his! And their customer service is really great, it also ensures the monitoring of their old amps, it's really good when you buy OCCAZ!


Playing a bit of everything, I find this "little" amp really nikel.
While it fits like a glove!
The big fat sound [with everything on my little background and no compressor rbx 374] to its very end of a game finger groove through the slap was thoroughly Gammell, cash it all without flinching, and appears to a pretty impressive versatility. 10!


It is now more than two months that I have, and I'm really amazed!
It is a true 120 watts to shake my floor and accommodates all!
I had not tried before buying [250 € on ebay] but I bought my eyes closed. Laney's just good, cheap and investing for the long term!
I will change my 120 BC for the world!