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User Review

track down's review - Laney HMC160B

Deja preceded Siter

I would have preferred a little more kind of simulation of tube amp or something but it's not too serious, APRS power is not enough in my opinion his APRS dpend to that one fact, against by the eq is still quite simpa APRS to me even if it is not yet accurate enough but it manages.


The setup is simple if you have not the IQ of a presenter on TF1, I never needed to read the manual, I know even if there exists a


Then it's the big hick, I play it with an Ibanez Ergodyne EDB 600 and you push the bass has more than half of his starts to saturate Severe (and yet accord MI), for against a another ibanez (I know more but I know what it is part of the new) sound good, but much less saturated it is not the same bass, I find the eq really not specific enough, I play the neo metal and I think this amp is really not to my cheek (which saturates the bass too much, too little snapping sound)


Personally I t trs on by me, however, that the amp looks really terrible and APRS advice I heard he'd really look trs and I'm really good on it, I do not buy but I try them for quite some time.I 'had to try the Ibanez sound wave 100 (a loan in the same low price) and I find it really mieu m trs me if it's different, I also try the Hartke but jou are more in the same court.

Basically I would never buy this amp