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User Review

Evolution in the wrong direction - Reviews Accuphase DP-410

Value For Money : Excellent
I get out of a busy period, where I could try and down products Japanese manufacturer.

After being able to make a great first series of tests with the Accuphase DP-400, I found one day in his place, the DP-410, his successor who is, according to the seller Accuphase "Ouachement much better!" Either, so plug in everything and let us prepare for the test.

This plate is heir to the "mid-range" model Accuphase. The DP-400. The change to the DP-410 has increased to add an option to return to USB, that his sister had not. Otherwise, much has also been made to reduce the overall quality, with weaker cards, a single board ... more expensive and complex to repair in case of failure (where his predecessor had a separate board). You always find the mechanics of cheap transport but is not criticized because it does the job, and especially food and deplorable filtering the DP-400, which was already a big downside. Besides, these are so beautiful that Accuphase has had the good sense to hide behind a large black cover, just to prevent anyone from seeing them.

We also note that the price has shot up 5,500 euros (thousand euros more) to a simpler and less technical materials ... all in a period where the Yen breaks the mouth (- 20%); it feels good to enfourage t_be very powerful with a little Samurai sauce to make you feel live. And do not tell me that the DP-400 at the time of his banishment cost the same, this kind of small maneuvers to legitimize the product manufacturer should not fool anyone.

Add to that the model has a sound aesthetic that suits me less. In fact, I rather like the realistic sounds, which have drawn close to a listening studio, with an absence of any color and just dynamic. Off for all tests where I had the DP-410 on hand, I had an impression of a slightly more polished sound. The DP-400 tended to bare you a tooth if the recorded material had such impulses. It's not really the case with the DP-410, which will still be very painful, but also shows some restraint.

But apart from the above point, it also has the same strengths as its predecessor items with a reproduction quality at the highest level, this ability to really restore "many" of the disk and do a good time. Too bad he simply fails to surpass its predecessor in anything.

The service before and after sales is still very very good. I recall, 5 year warranty, and a guarantee of 15 years for a stock room is maintained. Thus allowing the investment to last over time.

IN BRIEF: Tried it, could not. Usually Accuphase offers developments that really changes. In this case I would say that we are facing a failure. Or I could say otherwise "A USB port for 1000 euros and more."