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User Review

sachaa's review - Ibanez AD-202 Analog Delay







Between a mic
Between a switchable instrument / mic
The sound of the delay is really super nice.
It is very vintage, warm and not transparent.

Use a very special and I found j'aprecie is to delay the time (or doubling) at least the minimum feedback, the tone almost to max and "blend" max.
Thus we hear the sound line and not the direct sound, it will feel to play through a kind of filter (albeit with a small latency time of delay that even at the minimum is a very sensitive ) that colors the sound and makes it very vintage, I love to restore a soul samples (Rhodes and organ, for example). As against this, it lost the momentum, so for the guitars this method does not work very well.

The delay also walking and obviously great for traditional applications.
Note that apart from being shorter, Doubling a lighter color than the delay.

Overall I love this machine.
Too bad the delay can not go beyond the 400 ms.