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User Review

Very effeicace, but unstable - Reviews Celemony Melodyne Essential

I have integrated studio one 2 pro software, once you understand where is the embed code, installation is easy. There is not much to configure, since this version of the software offers essential and designers have thought about integrating tips directly launch the software (you can tick a box to not see them), so I think no need for manual, everything is very clear.


Pc Aspire 5750ZG (6GB RAM, CPU Intel Core 2.2Ghz), DAW Presonus Studio One 2 Professional, a Presonus AudioBox 22 VSL interface for gear. The software was relatively stable, but lately it has a tendency to "heavy crash", ie it does not run, crashes SO, then we can not restart the last backup of the song, since Melodyne remains 0% loaded.

This earned me the loss of half a day's work, if you have any assumptions that could fix that I'm interested.

However, when everything works, this is a very nice software.


I use it for a year, sometimes for the edit, mostly for the melodic correction therefore rarely (usually when I forgot to retune me ^ ^ "). Cautions for use the edit, the results can be surprising, and not always in the right direction, the machine being ultra efficient, the results are not necessarily musical. Having tested the editor version of the quality of the software is no longer show, but I hope that the next updates the stabilize.