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A good concept, unfortunately marred by chronic instability! - Reviews PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2

Digital offering 24 physical inputs switchable mic / line, 4 subgroup outputs and 3-way master, 10 auxiliary outputs switchable pre / post fader, etc. .. I will not belabour just been said here and there ..
The console does not seem to have suffered much inevitable compromises quality. From all evidence it was not designed for "Grand Touring". But there is not his vocation. Some minds sorrow regret the absence of motorized faders, but believe me at this price it's a choice of reasons.


Certainly the highlight of this console. Moreover it is reminiscent of old consoles ergonomics Spirit 328 and 324, which were themselves inspired by the extraordinary digitally controlled analog console from Soundcraft Broadway ..
Operation is simple, access is fast and intuitive. Not much to add, it is particularly well thought see refined.


The preamps are in a good average, but not transcendent qualities enough for a lot of situations. We will have to be careful in the choice of microphones! It's not always easy because you have to consider the sources and the ability of this console preamps to respect the sensors and sources .. a Neumann KMS 105 will not run optimally. The brightness will be highlighted too ..
The Eq is also a good average, they are relatively accurate. The compressors are embedded enough and good levels. However the Gates are a bit ho hum. As with virtually all digital consoles below a certain range ..
Few, if not out of breath, if not a tiny little wheezing at high frequency. Having said this must be tempered by this small criticism is that this finding is only valid when the Live Studio is connected to a distribution system particularly pointed.


As stated by one of my predecessors, it has everything a great, for sure .. However we can not ignore the instability of the console when you want to use up to its potential! Outright loss of signal in full ROH show is not the best taste ..
Brief for small number of solutions available to you. Either you wait for this console Presonus evolves and corrects (finally) working the bugs. Either you opt for this console still in full knowledge of the facts, ie, abandoning the idea of ​​using too much pressure (PC). At the time I write this the product does not seem to be completely ready yet. Therefore mistrust .. In short, if you are in a position to host companies / groups in a professional programming I'm afraid that we should break the bank for a most successful console. Friend (s) technical directors so does the technical credibility of your room!