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User Review

Compact and effective - Reviews QSC TouchMix-16

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
° What do you use the product for and within which context?

We just bought this console for our trio and occasional sound reinforcement of an 11-man troupe of singers/musicians. We are amateur, I must add.
We use it in the studio for rehearsals and for live gigs (2 vocals, 1 acoustic-electric guitar and 2 keyboards, including an arranger for the rhythmic foundation)

* How long have you been using it?

Since Wednesday December 3, when it came out in France.

* Did you try out any other competing products before buying it?

No. We made a decision based on the tech specs and our confidence in the QSC brand.
We have a Soundcraft GB Rack + all peripherals

* What are the things that you like the most and the least about it?

The size and weight!!!!! No more breaking your back with racks.
It's well designed and the interface is very simple (it's like a Mac: You think, you press and it works!).
The display is easily readable. You select what you want to modify and set it with the finger. The rotary push-knob is very precise because when you turn it while pressing you can make finer settings. Everything is well thought-out!
I have the impression that the output gain is high.
We are no experts when it comes to compression, etc., so the presets are very helpful.
At first I thought it only had 4 effects, but each of them provides lots of options, and you can customize them.
It has lots of controls for the aux returns! Low-cut, high-cut, etc. anything you wish!
Jack for headphone monitoring, which is nice.

For the time being, this console has won me over. I set it up for my keyboards, put it in the transport case and the vocalist/guitarist was able to do the same at his place. Awesome!

I'll update my review after a couple of live gigs. I don't know for pros, but it's great for experienced amateurs.