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User Review

I like the Yamaha CP-300 - Reviews Yamaha CP300

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
There are 7 octaves on the Yamaha CP-300. There are Midi Connections In, Out, Through, Phones, Input,(L Mono,R) Output(L/R) Assignable Foot Pedal (Sustain/Sostenuto/Soft/Aux) USB to Host, AC Inlet.
There are 530 instrumental sounds including XG Voices. You can hear two instrumental sounds by pressing two buttons at the same time, it has a transpose button to transpose the Yamaha CP-300 if you`re not use to play in a different key. Minus 12 making it 13.25 cycles per second (lowest A) on the Yamaha CP-300 You can make it sound like a five manual pipe organ that way, a specially of you use push the pipe organ and another instrumental sound. and transpose plus 12 making the Yamaha CP-300 8,000 cycles per second highest C on the Yamaha CP-300 Piano. It has some demo songs too.


The set up is simple if you play around with the Yamaha CP-300. You can look up on then Yamaha CP-300 to see how to opperate the Yamaha CP-300. I played around on the Yamaha CP-300 in a music store a while back.


The sounds are realistic, except I don`t like the brass sound on it, that`s about the only thing. I like the brass sound on the Technics PR-305 Digital Piano better, it sounds a truest instrumental sound, but over all like all the other instrumental sounds on it,the sounds are OK. it has a touch sensitivity too. I would put the Yamaha CP-300 on top of the Technics PR-305 with the midi cables hooked up to it, I`d get four different sounds at the same time.


The Yamaha CP-300 is a lot of fun to play on over all, the price is pretty good, The Yamaha CP-300 weighs about 71.63 pounds, but over all I would buy the Yamaha CP-300, it has built in speakers, it`s a must have keyboard. The newer models are lighter,like the Yamaha CP-4 but you can`t mix the sounds by pressing the two buttons and you have to get an amp for them too.