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User Review

sin's review - Roland D-110

A MIDI expander unit.
THE synthesis
32 voice polyphony.
9 votes for multi-timbralité.
128 sounds ROM / RAM 64
8 audio outputs + headphones
This is the version of D-10/D-20 rack.


Well here it gets complicated ... Partial Structure of grouped to form a sonority that will be selected in a stamp placed himself on a share and saved in a patch! o0 '
Moreover, the lack of alpha dial is acute, the 16 buttons are not enough to comfortably edit the module.


By programming we can get to "good sound" typical LA synthesis. It blows a little but it is manageable. The reverb and delay are more embedded.
The acoustic sounds are to be avoided except for doing porn!
The thing is known to modulate the PWM via the velocity example and ring modulation is the main tool for the synthesis LA ...
The filter can resonate without going into self-oscillation.


Expander for some nice little sound of drum or synth.
Has the same color as the series D-5/D-10/D-20 ... For the nostalgic ;)
Anyway right now it's cheap and it can used to fill an empty rack elegantly!