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User Review

Gabiche's review - Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio 3

Traktor Why? Several reasons. The first is compatibility with a wide range of MIDI controllers, making him a fairly free software. Then, the possibility of mixing with 4 decks is one of the few software for this.
Then, the compatibility with Mac and Windows (I'm on Windows, but Mac account switcher in the near future). Finally, if the price goes down in the end, € 100 the license is not death.

The use ... the mix right?

Currently, Traktor is running on a computer-based Intel Core 2 Duo E2160, 3 GB of rams, and other odds and making it a modern PC and PC powerful enough to run this software.
Only trouble, having purchased more than Traktor, sound card ESI U46SE, the sound card drivers are faced various troubles me. Because I also have a Creative Xtreme Gamer sound card. But Traktor is nothing to see inside.

The software is fairly stable, but it is not in Traktor, but Windows XP that is causing me some problems on my pc.
I have a friend who uses Mac, with EKS XP5, the same sound card, zero worries.
It runs like a Swiss clock.


On this side, no real worries, a sound card from Creative Xtreme Gamer (I feel like I'm going to run to my sister).
For cons, I find it unfortunate that I can not fully use the sound card properly:
- As headphone preview
- Output 1 / 2, 3 / 4, 5 / 6 on master general (matter can exit), if someone would have the solution ...

The manual not read it yet, but I'd have to do it.


On my computer, the only trouble is that Windows XP is not very stable.

I have a recent configuration, a base Intel E2160, Gigabyte GA-G33-DS3R, 3 GB RAM DDR2 667mhz, a hard disk system and 80 GB hard drive 320 GB Data

Performance? Mix of 4 decks (for fun), a small 15-20% of maximum consumption of performance.


I use version 3.4.1 of then one day. Before I had version 2.6.1.
There has been improvement over the old version, that his silk-level interface, function, and auto-sync.
Would not the fact of the auto-sync, I'm DJ, I am mixed on vinyl and sync a song without gadgets, but the auto-sync allows you to concentrate on the public and creativity.

I really appreciate the software interface, customizing the software pushed.
However, I regret the sonogram, that of Virtual DJ is good, because superimposing the two diagrams.

I broke the piggy bank, ie € 100 for having a legal license, updates, and knowing that it is illegal to make a profit with a software pirate, this is a DJ .. .
I hesitate not to repeat this choice, the software is huge.
The sound is very good. The software is reactive.
I would hesitate with Serato can be (but the concept is different), can be seen with the future software will be developed by Serato and Ableton ...