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User Review

Superb. - Reviews Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTWC

I tested some time ago on the drumkit from a friend. And I buy him a few weeks.

Before the Iron Cobra, I tested a small amount of other doubles:
The Demon-Pearl Eliminator (P3002D) -> A pedal just excellent, but that does not match my style of play, I have not taken (though I recommend to people wanting to achieve great speeds without too much fatigue ( Direct Drive helping a lot for that).
Prime Double Chain: My first (no pun intended) double pedal. A good double strong enough for a price not very high.

Not wanting to astronomical speeds, but still high enough, I'm after the fact, tempted by the test of this HP900TWC. A killing. Lightness, power, precision, speed. This 4mots that define the double well. Another point I really liked is the limited edition of this product (the class anyway!).

The value for money? Very good. It was worth every penny.

By not thinking that much, yes I do, and do it again this choice without hesitation.