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User Review

moosers's review - Yamaha Stage Custom

I've been recording with the Yamaha Stage Custom drum set for about five or six years. While I am not a drummer, I know what good drums sound like from recording so many different types of sets. I have done a lot of sessions with the Yamaha Stage Custom and have always been happy with the results I can. Granted the drummer that I usually use this with is a very good drummer, but I have used this kit with a number of different drummers and have always been happy with the way they sound. My favorite part about this kit is the kick drum, as it is very full and has a nice thump to it. The tom toms are very good sounding as well. The snare is good, but I have definitely heard better snares out there and I try to use another snare most of the time while I am recording. Beyond this, the hardware is sturdy and it holds up well over time. As long as you change the heads and keep proper care of this drum set, it is definitely capable of sounding good for a long time. Being the giant company that Yamaha is, they have the ability to make this drum set as affordable as it is. It is a high quality drum kit that any serious drummer could probably afford, and is great for practicing, to bring to live shows, or for recording. While it is marketed as a live set, it will work fine in the studio, but is indeed probably best suited for live shows and practicing when compared to the Yamaha Studio Custom. It not only has a great sound, but it feels good to play and is definitely easy on the eyes. It is overall very impressive and is an awesome drum kit great for all types of players and situations.