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User Review

Anonymous's review - Electro-Voice N/D967

The Electro Voice N/D 967 is a fantastically shaped little microphone that will certainly turn heads at a concert. This is a good thing. Because when they turn their heads their ears will turn with them and they will hear absolutely fantastic audio quality! What is quite brilliant about these particular mics are their odd amenities. For example. All microphones need handles. All mics used for live situations have handles. Only Electro Voice microphones have warm grip handles that not only reduce handling noise but just plainly make them more comfy to sing into. This particular mic is a live vocal mic with a unique pop shield, and a flat top to allow getting closer to the microphone. It only has a frequency response that starts down at 50 Hz and it only goes up to 13,000 Hz, so it is not that impressive on a piece of paper, but when you look at how it is oddly enough more expensive than the other ones, you really have to think, do you not? It is a dynamic microphone and has a super cardioid polar pattern. It has a very intense cut to the sound, meaning that it is great in rooms with terrible acoustics, and on top of heavier bands playing.


In use, this microphone is very bright. What makes it particularly special is that cut, allowing high frequency information from the voice to shine through. Despite its rather severely limited frequency response range, it never has a single prob at all delivering a cutting powerful, high gain sound to the speakers or interface. This mic is certainly something to really behold and I suggest that everyone give this little thing at least a little bit of a try before dismissing it, because there is some mojo to these Electro Voice NYD mics that paper cannot quite describe. Give it a shot.