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User Review

JoneSmice's review - Shure Beta 58

Supercardiode dynamic microphone for voice live mainly

Rponse in frquence: 50 Hz to 16 kHz
Output voltage: 2.6 mV / Pa
Impdance Nominal 150 ohms (290 tural)

- Air suspension to avoid handling noise
- Insensitive to changes in impdance
- Magnet nodyum (high output without distortion)
- The effect of proximity is decreased (nice)
- The small plastic ring is a blue dtail, but can put the microphone on a table more "discreetly"


This microphone is not great with cte ingnieurs sound, used his small ERRF: the SM58.
The microphone is actually a micro succsseur of legends, he has a hard win.

It is true that the sound is not the same: more rich in high-medium, o the characters plutt aggressive.
The SM58 is plutt blind bottom-medium, which makes a deep voice trs.

My personal opinion is that this micro hard required (especially in France, as elsewhere in the United States, he made his small place) because of the characters srement aggressive tendencies that may make it be less flattering than a SM58.
However, if live is a joy to use compared to the SM58:
- The high-medium amne voice in front of the mix '
- The feedback is less thanks Submitted including hyper-cardioid directivity his (directivity over emissions means less repisse) and its output level that the leve more SM58 (which is somewhat feeble)

I would put 9 because I'm very curious to listen ElectroVoice range, which has very good feedback from our users ...