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User Review

Beautiful ... but unplayable! A bad run? It is hoped ... - Reviews Custom77 China Girl Bass

Short scale bass for fans of the genre. This bass has a phenomenal face, she is beautiful. It does not go well aware the pictures. Congratulations Custom 77! It is well beyond the simple replica of the Gibson EB-0. But one huge black dot (and all my post only run on it): it is unplayable! At least the model I have owned for some time.


In fact, the bass that curl and not a little bit! If the bass is so aesthetically pleasing that the level of sensations (touch on the handle, access to acute) no adjustment was possible to solve this recurring problem. I am therefore said that the settings it was not my stuff and then I emmenené the short scale in one of the best makers of France (Philippe Deputte near Lorient). Nothing has done and I found myself with a beautiful instrument, certainly, but unplayable. Another downside: the bass is not at all balanced. His head is huge (again it does not go well aware the pictures) which gives it a hangover from hell but the fact nosedive.




I hate to break an instrument, especially when it comes to a model of a French company trying to launch. I bought this bass secondhand to replace all my first bass that I hated (Cort Action in filthy look). The seller was very close to my brother, which was quite convenient (I'm left handed and there is little bass on the market OCCAZ. I did not want to do 500 terminals to find the instrument which suits me)! And then I flashed on the beautiful aspect of the bass. I also thought that with my small hands, a short scale would be welcome. I tried this bass headphones, big mistake! Not having enough bottle at the time, I have not had this very unpleasant feeling frisouille under the fingers. I've realized in the ear when I played in my amp. So I went back to the seller and I gave him the short scale against an Ibanez 5 string that also sold + some money to complete! I spent at all (and acquired at the same time the passion of five strings) but what comfort compared this Ibanez SR-605!

Anyway, I prefer to say that I stumbled upon a wrong number. I read stuff praise for Custom 77 and I think not having luck, that's all. If one day the opportunity arises, I will try again although experience with this China Girl. I think it is a low and a brand worth it but that must be worth trying every angle to avoid unpleasant surprises. Now that I have more experience and I need to take a coffee when I'm traveling, a little short scale would be nice.

The China girl are no longer manufactured and I do not see yet in OCCAZ. I put a 5/10 not to break the instrument must have, I hope its good series.