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happiness comes in playing - Reviews Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series

everything has been said in previous reviews assembled in China, quality control microphones German Chinese German electronic scale Short frest 22 + 2 mics 0 Cargo bridge folltant
Comes with ropes rotten roto replaced by HOFNER flat like everyone else
7 for strings and electronics Chinese origin


very fine handle, the handle of a guitar for small hands good access to acute very light when she forgets the door (I always play standing up so I'm not sitting by gene body violin)
Played preferably pick the strings are very close


I typed a sound not describe here with a sustain that is not the usual violin because of the block in the body, it is with the neck pickup to bridge pickup funds cut + / - solo enabled
the microphone is very acute especially used solo with pedals


I use it for 3 months
former musician low income after 25 years of stop I first played on an Ibanez amp and Warwick
I had this when I was HOFNER first extremely disappointed with the resulting sound with my amp easy to play but certainly a penny tres tres tres blah blah, flat not made a big sustain in the medium, very low flat
and then I got an amp and cabinet EDEN of the same name and poof, the full roundness of his depth without being omnipresent and snoring loud and quiet at the same time balanced perfect, what
Very brief instrument player but does not tolerates poor amplification and since I gradually I do not play with my other instruments for abandoning the pleasure she returns well when given an instrument which actually tame its user: a little feminine side?