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excellent price / quality ratio - Reviews Ibanez BTB7 Limited Edition 2013

Value For Money : Excellent
made in indonesia, it seems to me. easel independent bridges, golden finish. The handle? a beautiful board! 7-string, necessarily ... Conductor (crossing), already rolled 7 folds: hard maple, mahogany, maple, walnut, maple, mahogany, maple. Rosewood fingerboard, splendid. Pins round pearl does it seem. 23 medium frets on the ropes so-mi-la-re, and 24 of sol-do-fa. radius of approximately one meter. Diapason? 35. graphite nut, fine cut. 7 Mechanical golden. there is an angle of about 20 ° between the handle and head. plate that conceals the truss-rod is rosewood, cutting and combing tip-top. Head "BTB" with Ibanez logo is beautiful.
The pickups are new sonic arch caps, appointed for the occasion, they largely embrace the 7 string. They are controlled by a volume, pitch (low, med, treble), and a frequency selector.


the handle is a highway, do not worry. Form, beyond the esthetic is ok, apart from a slight discomfort due to the lower horn that blocks my left arm at the wrist if I try to reach the most acute cases of lower strings ... It's true I have big wrists! It is heavy, it's on but I think that about 5.5 kg for September 1st-string solid-body is not that bad. It is on the edge nosing .... but no! access to the higher notes poses no concern. For his ... What can I say? very modern, but "rootsable" if you take the time to refine. As for me I was looking for a typed his "Pattitucci" I served.


Yes, it works well. I must say that the range is wide, then add it to a range "extremely" extended ... Must be a handle to fail to find a place of choice. The strings come into play, the "elixir" for once. It is crystalline wish, but not cold. deep bass, modern (a little piano, "Anthony Jackson") without much infrastructure. Perfect for me, I'm not very "roots". I play a Warwick "pro tube IX" with MXR comp to smooth differences in dynamics on difficult to obtain (like around the third box ...) and notes full natural harmonics, it sends enough. As said above, I love the set "to Pattitucci" it suits me very well.


Already two months I have not seen happen ... I tried First of BTB 5 and 6 to get an idea. I have not been disappointed!
This is my second bass, my main instrument remains my "Tune 365 BB" fretless.
The feature ..? Although the seventh chord, which is not threaded and more. it opens up new perspectives in terms of chord voicings, technical rasaguedo type of course tapping ... Evolving trio is per-fect!
Least, it is the lower horn quite prominent, and the body fairly chamfered. Detail because the quality / price ratio is unbeatable, as often with Ibanez must be acknowledged.
I remake this choice without hesitation. I gave myself a year to DEFRETTER or not!
If I really do not know déciser, I remake that choice to make a fretless!