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User Review

ManuTrujillo's review - Ibanez GSR200

-Made in Indonesia
Flip-Ibanez Accu-Cast B10
GSR4 maple Channel end
-Agathis body


It fits perfectly to the handle at first use.
The weight is well proportioned to the body.
The 4 knobs are out their trvail except at the bridge pickup where the notes tend to go into a mild distortion.
The mic is exellent for the treble notes are all in good slap dissect all that finger.
The 4th microphone is infact a bass boost to give a louder sound but for me it does not serve to give a big hand to light its more crystalline.
A small problem when one approaches the last box: the grade is too disgusting because it taps against the hoop.
They must pay attention to the potentiometer which may leave and to mess it up the bass (it happened to me and very bad experience).


Low covient perfect for all styles of rock and derivatives (metal, blues, pop) as for jazz and funk that is do not go have fun doing with Kesha
. We just spend his lens to his grave and melodious bass in no time.
For my part I play a Peavey Max 158 bass amplifier with a DS-1 Distortion.
I like the sounds in crystalline and brittle slap on all the strings, and are serious on all the strings aussi.Bien heard the closer you get to the last fret and sound bad. This


used for about a year since I fell amoureux.Ce was my first bass and I urge the novice and the research of approfondissement.J really like the handle of this guitar. The quality / price is exellent I think I would do without this choice exeptions. To begin and deepen