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funky.pierro's review - Ibanez RD300

Even earlier opinion!


Even earlier opinion!


Is low enough that allows versatile, I think playing all sorts of styles.
I think it is particularly suited to rock, but it can have a nice round sound for jazz or reggae.
I play jazz / bossa / funk it fits well.
Personally, I add some acute and serious history to have a round sound and far (I leave the amp settings flat).
The result is a sound that growls in the bass (like the Jazz bass) n punchy in the midrange and rather soft in the treble.
It reacts much to attack you give the strings and the position of your right hand to the handle (very mild near the handle, the more aggressive near the bridge).
With regard to the slap, it has a very particular sound (quite far from the Jazz Bass), one can easily adapt with different settings.


I own this bass for 2 years and I have the impression that it was she who found me rather than vice versa, because when I tried it, I knew she had all the qualities that I hoped.
It was probably one of the best value for money.

I like his versatility, ergonomics inimitable presence.

I will say in conclusion that we should try this bass to really realize what it's worth.
The sound and style can not please everyone.

Anyway, I'll buy the same if it was redone.