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User Review

Gare au jaguar! - Reviews Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar

The singer of my band is paid, I have tried a good hour after the rehearsal. I tried several (real) including jaguars just a 1965. So ... I still do not like the Jag, as soloist rather large paw; it is a modified Jag, the electronic circuit is completely revised, with a 4th position called "humbucker" pickups Bareknuckle both series really a hell of fishing. The circuit of the "high" is definitely turned in favor of two small switches, filters whose effective action is ridiculously good ... it has the merit to keep the look "Jaguar" on this guitar. So there is an advantage in Baja Telecaster architecture with its 4 position switch. I personally preferred because the usual config (with two independent circuits microphones) is very tricky in concert, so that's a fault of the Jag erased by Johnny. Bareknuckle pickups are much better than traditional US pickups, both thinner and keeping a nice roundness ... the bridge is less aggressive than a Strat or a Tele, the neck pickup is creamy but lack of serious and pep for my taste. The middle position is "cocotante" good "fenderienne" in short. The combination of the two series is KILLING, both in the clear with a low resurrection as a strat, that saturated sound or it seems to have a Gibson in the paws. Let's scrap: the mechanics are superb, fine and precise, the tremolo has been modified I-don't-know-not-how, so much so that one can spend in re OPEN for example without having to re-tune all the strings. I have triturated vibrato in all directions, the guitar stay in tune, even in Open ... hat !!! The bridges are beautiful, the overall impression is very good, it exudes reliability and accuracy: a weapon of war! End up wood, yet both quality printing, impeccable finish, the neck is narrow and round, unfortunately like all jag ', but it seems thinner than usual. The chamfer on the body is more pronounced way STRAT, the guitar is more comfortable than a traditional Jag. The glittery green paint is beautiful with time even if we know that the most beautiful wood is reserved for sunburst and other nitrocellulose lacquer.
In conclusion, this series Johnny Marr is a great success that gum defects Jaguar and has his own signature sound (Thanks Bareknuckle). The price seems high but once in hand one has the feeling of having a beautiful beast, Jag fans, you say that it is a weapon of war, and then it comes in a beautiful case with a set of extra rope. We may regret the fender marketing, they started white, then orange, green and now a joke ... do you? we expect that next year they will come out in blue or red ... you speak limited edition Mr fender, or is it limited to customers? and then hand-wound pickups on Fender series ... I have a doubt. M 'finally close our eyes to this hypocritical business, this guitar is one of the best Jag exists, cut to the stage she roars like no other, in expert hands as we can say this star Joey "STATION TO JAGUAR !! "