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User Review

fenyxkell's review - Akai Professional EWI4000S

Bought two weeks ago. The "touch n'feel" is more like a flute mouthpiece than a sax or clarinet, as it does not operate key: one puts his fingers on it, it's like the butcher holes. Also do not blow really hard (even if you can adjust the sensitivity to the opening of the mouth and thus remains Troit blow hard quickly gives the impression of blowing into a straw mouth).

The Poins ngatifs:
- Big noise by plugging headphones
- No tui provided, not even available to the Official tui marchbr /> - no AC adapter
- The supplied strap to hold the ewi around the neck is a misra, she ESG left thumb.
- No way to customize its Doig, one can simply choose from the types of prdfinis fingers.
- Some bugs in the management of sensitiv keys, you must disable certain options (such as changing his finger simply by not having a problem
- The keys oxidize over time (two weeks of use, and it starts dja)


- Touch sensitive for a game faster trs
- Touch, vibrato, and bends, the VLOC and portamento are all in paramettrable sensibilitbr /> - This is my knowledge the only afternoon with wind synth controller integrated by the first " synthtiseur wind "of the market.
- The software to edit the 100 internal sounds is very well designed, if only one is interested in sound design and wave-based filters is the IDAL.
- The instrument is lightweight (less than one pound with batteries)
- You can assign midi control (CC) for some key customs and to settle what is transmitted by the breath controller, everything is very practical if you drive a sampler via midi.
- The mouth is enjoyable and well rpond trs breath and vibrato (for chewing).
- The last 3 keys right hand can be adjusted according to the morphology of each.
- The internal synth with two voices, octaves and hold functions are possible, which is extremely interesting. Hold can be set to two fawns diffrent, more opportunities.

In short, an excellent intrument.