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User Review

Maxlfo's review - Cycling'74 Max For Live

The instalation is done without problem. We download the update from the ableton site, 249 e if we live 8 79th if you have max msp + Live 8.
No inconsistency is an adaptation of Max to work in Ableton Live.
The manual is complete in English but unfortunately not in French yet scheduled.
The setup is fairly simple if one uses the original presets.
For this little cons be a real headache to see a Enfert disgust them if you're not an expert on FM synthesis of rooting and company, when we want to create their own instruments, effects, synth, analyzers, etc. ...


My config Mac Pro quad core with Snow Leopard 10.6.3
intel xeon 2ghz prossesseur, 4 GB RAM, 1 disk of a tera + 2 500GB cache/7200trs 32 mo. Sound card edirol fa 101.
Live works perfectly, I never managed to exceed 45/100 cpu despite the number of plug-ins abused employees.


I use it for some time, my teacher makes me computer music discover it in detail.
What I love most, patches of effects and instruments trendy and especially the ability to create their own instruments, so a total freedom of creativity and an absolute personalities.
Furthermore, we combined the video with little modulation!
For me it's simply the killing!
I do it again this election without the least eSite.
I will not tell you his opinion on price.