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User Review

This is a Beginners Interface - Reviews Phonic Firefly 302

The Phonic Firefly 302 is a Fire Wire interface that you can record simultaneously up to 5 channels. It only cost around 150 dollars when it first came out and it was perfect for a beginner. I had not heard to much from Phonic as a company especially when it came to interfaces so I was very skeptical if it would be any good. I wont say that it was a very good interface, it was average at best. I feel it would be a very good interface for the “new” musician recording at home because of its features and the price. You will get a copy of Cubase LE with it which will help you get your feet wet in the DAW game with understanding how everything works. The quality isn’t that bad for a 150 dollar interface.


The headphone amp was a little noisy to me and it needed some work, that was really the only issue that I ran into with it while trying to monitor and listen to playbacks. But it’s a very cost effective interface that you can use to get your recording career off the ground with. I never saw an update for any drivers either and the latency seemed to be pretty low.


I never saw a manual for Phonic Firefly 302, but setting it up took no effort at all. Especially if you set it up in Cubase LE that comes with it.


Outside of the noisy headphone amp, I am pretty pleased with this little interface by Phonic. I would have to say the thing that makes this interface appealing is that it can record up to 5 channels at a time and the quality is pretty decent. I wouldn’t expect to get that out of a 150 dollar interface. So if you are a beginner go for it.