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User Review

Disappointing possible unreliable. - Reviews Apple Logic Pro X

Installation via Mac apple store, fast at first, but a terrible slow when there are additional download packs. Even when we finished there yet ...


2 Macs, no worries on that side ...

EXCEPT qd as we enter the soft one realizes that it is severely buggy.

What I have noticed for the "time

Having a test this morning ONE STEREO track (one ...) to check if the signal from my D90 going on in my RME via ADAT I noticed with dismay that LOGIC PLANTED, finding no more NO plug, including Apple and Logic plugins. (See attached image)

A shame. short not reliable live.

I keep it as it is paid for and related to my Apple account (...) but for my home studio.

Live audio recording, no question of a fool of myself with an app that plant because it puts two in AUi record. And the worst is that it works start but suddenly disappears plugin (see attached image with the exclamation mark). If clicked, total crash. Bug completely traitor so ... it starts well and after a bug while ...

Furthermore I have repeatedly noted that despite incessant download additional packs, Logic can not find the files ... What L9 has never

I pass over the difficulty in changing MIDI program what I did in 1 mouse click in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 there 10 years and smoothly in Logic 9, instead of names of instruments, we have MIDI numbers, convenient, and then double-tracks and while we may have names instead of 127 No S GM on inactive tracks can not be accessed on active runways; BREF.

Finally, the famous Logic tested yesterday via remote Ipad is not worth all the excellent Neyrinck. At the end of a few minutes, it Freeez, the level of tranches no longer works. In short a beautiful miss for Apple, which says a lot about the future of Logic, yet for 15 years THE competitor PT HD.

well done. :(dropoff Window


Given the lack of seriousness of Apple, which is more concerned with its widgets has its pros components, it leaves one by one, I retreated to Reaper, 100X reliable. (4 years to release a new look Logic and buggy)

In conclusion, an admittedly harsh opinion but unfortunately justified. I therefore agree amount of people who have put hands dirty and discovered a long list of bugs.

In fact, at first sight seems LX fantastic and far more advanced than was L9.

Yet as we dig we realize that there is a lot of work to do yet, not on details but on essential points.

If LX plant ADAT recording mode when using a Fostex on EMR c "is serious. But as already explained what n" is not the only hearty bug which I was confronted. If we can not display the names of MIDI progr mentally and must list the 127 instrumentals is lamentable ...