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User Review

Marshall good simulation pedal - Reviews Tech 21 British V2

Pedal emulation Anologique of preamp Marshall (S)


Single pedal very influential settings on the sound that comes out: notemment EQ which adds or removes a lot in itself being influenced by the setting of the character knob that sends you to the Bluesbreaker Marshalls Metellica on solos Kill em All (Not a lot of low and ultra nervous grain after the character knob race.
Manuel gives some examples of settings for approaching the famous Marshalls models.


Effective effects that may sound a little cold because of the lack of lighting, but if it is placed before a Device using (another preamp or compressor for example, the effect is very realistic).
Level of challenge slices of live line level consoles (EQ allows you to add frequencies that will suffer).


Good pedal overall still showing some weaknesses in the heat of the lamps that she did not and she tries to approach.
The grain and versatility of use, however, are a very good pedal carry around in case something or registration (and there always unexpected!).