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User Review

A leak, what boss - Reviews Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer

Value For Money : Poor
Nice pedal, the mini switch is the most beautiful effect.
LED lights only when I press the pedal, whether on battery or AC, but it is probably yours Vintage in vintage tested.

Attention at the time the transformers were overpriced especially so stabilized boss has cleverly opted for internal stabilization circuit.
Therefore, even with a bad 9v power supply it works well. BUT with a current stabilized power supply no longer enough juice in the circuit. Except the cs3 error is the same, to check.

The thing still works, that is to say ...


Cool to use, the switch is spectacular, one side is platissime but with serious and the other is skinny but with a super ideal for chouic funkifier a Les Paul for example.

The volume corrects well sustain, not tried to do a boost sorry.

The curve of the sustain is too brutal kind of fender amp volume ... Damage, ca makes everything fine metering impossible.
To think as a special effect, while the inverse of the trex compnova.
Why not!


The sound is dull and ugly anyway, without ceiling or other flat, it does not flatter any scratches. And as the crash happens very very soon we only want the disengage ...

On the other event of this switch is much more friendly and alive, and well regulated are not many of breath.

The problem for you is that I do not know the mxr Dynacomp, so tintin to compare and I think that was the target of boss.


Nah, your sound will lose three quarters of its substance from the inside it is on.
I have cs3 and I find it just as bad.
As typical compressor my dod milkbox (fx84 I think) is a hundred times better in all areas.

The cream is the tc nova dynamics but unfortunately the gas plant.

Otherwise Bébert CS400 is a very honest and above all usable compressor electric guitar declination.