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User Review

An interesting mod for the price - Reviews Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Modded by Monte Allums

I can not get on the characteristics of the Boss CS-3 because the kit does not change (no new knob or switch, no true bypass).


The usage is the same as the CS-3 stock. The main difference is that the working stroke of the knobs (especially sustain) is significantly larger than the stock pedal.

To talk about the kit itself (and this is above my door that note), installation is simple as long as we know welded. The instructions supplied with the kit (by email) is complete, and even desoldering braid is included. The assembly is further aided by the clarity of PCB Boss. The components are numbered, easy to access, happiness (nothing to do with the change, for example, a much amiss TS9).


To be clear after this kit, you no longer have the same compressor hands. Or rather, it is the same as it should have been made by Boss.

The first point is the breath that is a lot, but then a lot more reasonable. Sure, like any compressor, if you put the cleat to sustain, it will blow, but it's the principle of the fact that it wants. I just purchased a Barber Tone Press (compressor excellent shop) and breath levels are quite comparable.

Then the rendering is much more hifi, transparent as CS-3 stock, much better respected the sound of the instrument. For those who like to have it on their compressor, Tone setting is effective. Personally, I prefer to leave at noon and turn the tone around my chain. At noon, it was a rather brilliant compressor, the sound is not warped. For pinkfloyderies as solo intro Shine on, it goes cream on arpeggios too.

on the other hand, you will still feature pop it in the attack, especially if you bourrinez a bit on funky rhythms. This is due to the design of the effect. Only a compressor with a blend knob (like the Barber Tone Press or Wampler Ego Compressor) will break free (or perhaps a very subtle and light as the Diamond compressor, but the use is no longer the same). Note that setting the short attack, it becomes less audible.


In the end, I think this mod really worth it. It helps to provide a decent low-cost compressor. Make your accounts: a secondhand CS-3 for € 40 (and even then it may be cheaper) plus thirty euros fdpin kit is cheaper than CS-3 nine to one result really best. The ratio q / p is excellent. Even if I do not keep mine, preferring Barber and Blend knob magic, it's a mod I highly recommend it to anyone who is not penguin soldering iron!