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User Review

Too ambitious at Boss - Reviews Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

Compression, Sustainer analog.

A IN A OUT, an input power supply.

Not true bypass pedal.


General configuration simple: a volume of output, a general tone, a knob controls the attack and a knob "Sustain" manager makes the compression ratio and thus increasing the sustain of the instrument.

The manual is enough to get to know the beast, after, like any self-respecting compressor you will need to spend time on it to find the sound you want and what each instrument with which you are creating it for. And that these are things that can not be present in a manual.

We would have liked a compression type indicator LED.


As often with Boss they wanted to do too ambitious with a setting of "Sustain" that can grow in compression and keeping notes extreme, and a knob to "attack" can transform your guitar into a tommy gun in notes with an unrivaled sharpness However the quality of electronic'm not, which leads to the generation of steam and Feedback before they even reach half of the race on these knobs ... I have friends playing punk, grunge and noise that love it and use this pedal just to undesirable feedback and noise controls ... For my part I officiate mainly in pop, funk, hardcore and thrash metal, as you say that these parasites come out to me by the ears in styles which must be precise and sharp.


I did it change after shelved 6 months and tested three months with nothing to draw.

I had played with and EBS Multicomp, MarkBass Compressore, Okko Coca Comp, they all have their peculiarities.

I love the possibilities and direction of large very violent compression pedal, I hate its sound and its quality far from commensurate with its ambitions.

The price / quality ratio is zero for the nine given the quality of the pedal, instead buy a secondhand and do change becomes very interesting, you can also buy directly modified, and then it becomes very very interesting.

In short I would not buy anymore the original pedal new, it's not worth it.