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User Review

Excellent pedal - Reviews Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

This pedal has two kinds of "effects":
- The "sustain",
- The attack.


Ultra-simple, you set the attack, sustain, the tone and level very easily. We obtain an adjustment pretty quickly.


Regarding the "sustain", I use a Mexican Strat, so I can say that this is really handy since there is virtually no on this guitar. However, we do not get the sustain of a Gibson Les Paul.

Regarding the attack, you get a seriously flashy, even on my Vox AC15VR which is a hybrid amp.

The compression works quite well, but I think we can do better.

Caution should be used one or a pedal Suppresor Noise equivalent, because it tends to blow.


This'm 9 months I use it, it should reasonably well for Strat missing some sustain, attack is very well modeled, the settings are easy.
Overall, this is a good compressor pedal.