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User Review

LimiterOff's review - Keeley Electronics Compressor

Two buttons:
- Sustain
- Level, to adjust the output level (with or without effect)

In and out

A big blue LED, which is the hallmark of keeley, the LED is powerful trs, trs good when we see the effect is enclenchbr />
In there are the indoor rglages 2 of 4 knobs compressor, check the reviews on the 4 knobs, the guy says well.


Trs simple


I use it on guitar, elec, acoustic guitar and voice.
On elec guitar with tube amp is really gnial, terrible!
The sound is magnificent. Let's say often when playing in elec clear, there is the problem of dynamics (loud surprises when you hit hard, and not strong enough when playing quietly) and the compressor RULES ca. It really brings me the sth more.

On acoustic guitar is DIFFERENT, but the guitar really stands still when playing in groups.

Of voice, I would have to test more but it works well, for against, for reasons of rglage of impdance, is through a passive DI in reverse to type compression. At least that's better.


I've had six months.
I really chose the right comp mticuleusement because I wanted one that is effective across the sound spectrum. In fact I use an Electro Harmonix HOG and I wanted to be effective over the comp.
Frankly I do not regret one second.