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User Review

Marty62100's review - Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Mk1

delay / chorus / vibrato analogue.

Pedal very expensive but it is understood.


Usage is subtle, peculiar. The knobs interact with each other to parfoir sounds new and strange.


The qualities are undeniable!

The sound is clear, precise. Clearly it is a analog pedal like no one knows it today.

The disadvantage is the delay that are not too long now, the advantage of being more sound.

The choruses are clear and precise, sometimes "Detune" to give you the turnstiles. Same for short vibrato that I appreciated.


If you are looking for a well for the old rockers 60's 70's is perfect. Slapback of delay and the more striking features of the chorus and vibrato! requested by the people.

The major disadvantage remains the short delay and the size of the box! impressive!