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User Review

Ogmor's review - Korg Pitchblack

I bought it recently, because after 10 years of music, I thought it was time to buy a tuner! In fact, I already had a small "clip on" korg (we put on the head of the handle and takes vibration), but unte hand, although it was not clear very fast and therefore not practical for the scene, and on the other hand, with this kind of tuner you can not adjust the intonation of a guitar.
The Pitchblack is the perfect area for me it all: very fast, you are not forced to mutate each string has one and wait for the tuner gets back his emotions after each string, and the indication is stable, the diodes will not panic before analyzing the note played correctly. In my opinion, no need of poly (same price), we agree very quickly with this one. And then poly, for the same price, is more complex, I think that simplicity is synonymous with reliability ^ ^
Noveau building, the case is metal and feels solid, only the underside of the pedal is plastic, but in general, it is not too tortures this partly. The switch is very soft and feels solid. As for the display, I find it very readable, and it seems bright enough, even during the day. Then, if we play outside with the sun shining above, maybe it's embarrassing, but it does not happen to me right now ^ ^
It is true bypass, no staining sound. The whole seems to me very well built, the tuner works very well, the price is reasonable (58 euros), it seems to me to be a great value.