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User Review

Ze wah - Reviews Dunlop 95Q CryBaby Wah Wah

A wah wah pedal with adjustable boost (volume and amplitude of the wah effect), whose particularity is to have no switch: the effect begins when you put the plate in motion, and when affete léve foot.
So: no true bypass possible, but I have nothing to reproach the buffer.
This is an analog pedal.


Even simpler than a conventional wah, since there is no switch.
By unscrewing the bottom plate of the pedal, there is a knob to adjust the delays of judgment effect when the pedal is loose.
For boots, a volume knob and a knob "EQ", very easy to use. For my part, I would boost that very little volume, and I thoroughly boost eq.
These EQ settings are enabled when the Inrush switch on the side of the pedal. Without that, we have the classic crybaby wah.
The switch responds well to the foot, a small pressure enough, but personally, I would have preferred it to be on the left side rather than right, because I prefer to use my left foot. But this is very personal.


Frankly, nothing to say on the particular sound. This is the crybaby all that has classic: a sound that puke acute thoroughly, very dirty. what's on is that this pedal in no way detracts from the charm and classic crybaby ela possibilities, it is simply a switch without this classic release. Basically, I wanted to take a Morley for the movement detection, but its level, I remained more convinced by the crybaby. When I saw it was no switch, I did not hesitate!


This is not an optical system as in morley, it is always a rack acting on a knob. unlike Morley. But I think it's pretty well built, just lubricate when the needs arise, and over a year of use, I do not always needed. I do not notice any interference, even a high volume. Let's hope it lasts!
I find the price a little abused on the other hand, since even if the system is good, it's still a standard wah. But if everything is reliable over time, it remains a good investment. I think not to risk saying that if it does not crash, EVER I would not change a wah pedal!