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User Review

A useful microphone - Reviews DPA Microphones SC4060

small top of the range electret microphone FOR:
- Recording ambient sounds (in binaural stereo or enough apart (40 cm) if we want a proper stereo image (if not it goes into special effect territory with comb filter and phase shift, but that could be good too ... ).
about the distance of the pair AB Omni:
"If we consider a ratio of 10 between the distance between the two mic's and the distance of the first sources in the case of a 40cm spacing between microphones, we  will only get a coherent space beyond 4 meters between the pair and sound sources. If the worst comes to the worst, asking for less precision, we can get down to 5m, but not less. "(P. Labroue dixit)

- Amplifying a live instrument (low volume)

- Recording in very close proximity (the almost nonexistent proximity effect of omnis gives them a very good and balanced sound). It is sometimes used for sound effects so as to take high spl levels (the 4061 or 4062 alternatives may be considered less sensitive ) and stand closer to the sound source without too much distortion.

- Excellent lapel microphone (for sound quality, not for convenience). You've probably heard the sound of this microphone by going to the movies. It is used in addition to boom microphones (see sometimes there isn't any ...). Have a listen to the following link for an example of a live mix of 7 micro installed on HF <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>
Maybe (probably) is it 4060 ...


After two years of use, I'm thinking of buying more, because the sound really cuts the mustard in view of the price of the mic

A word of warning though: the cable might be a bit fragile...