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User Review

Good Choice for Theatre! - Reviews Samson Technologies SE50 - Beige

These Samson SE50's are a solid choice for theatre groups! The earpiece design is a bit odd and a few people have complained about them being uncomfortable to me, but for the most part they seem to get the job done. The color is a big plus for stage use!
For the price, these hold their own against headsets that cost 50-100$ more. Also, the included extra windscreens and multiple connections are quite handy. These mics will mate with very nearly any popular body-pack transmitter, just make sure that you tighten them down. They use an odd plug in then twist to tighten design that threw me off for a second.
The sound quality is very good for a miniature condenser in this price range and they hold their own against some of my more expensive headset mics. As is par for the course with mics of this type, they can handle surprisingly high SPL's but if you scream into a mic 1 inch from your face you should expect distortion. I use these with a local theatre group and with some musicians and mic control and experience with this type of mic is definitely key to using these. Overall the SE50's are a relatively good choice for theatre or live music comparatively.
I didn't choose these as my first choice but the company that I do work for decided that they would buy a few of these since they are a bit cheaper than what we had been using and I'm not dissastified with them. These are actually better than some other Samson wireless mics that I've used in the past.
All in all, these SE50's are not a bad choice and you should be pleasantly surprised with them. One thing to keep in mind however is that you MUST clean these guys regularly. I suggest a diluted mix of rubbing alcohol. No one wants to slap on a headset mic with someone else's ear sweat stains on it! Especially if they are used for theatre productions, under those lights your performers will sweat and these guys can get icky!