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User Review

excellent sounding - Reviews AKG K 701

The AKG K 701 headphones are really comfortable to wear. They fit very nicely around the ear and don’t irritate you after you have them on for a few hours. There arent bright and colorful like some of its competitors but it still provides a better than average sound quality for whatever you need them to do for you. You can listen to your ipod with them or even mix and master your songs in them because they do have a “semi” flat sound that will get you a great mix. They are pretty expensive headphones but they will do wonders for you. These headphones can be compared to some of the higher end shure headphones that I really like. I think the difference is with this is that the high’s are exaggerated. When the high’s are exaggerated like they are in some headphones it can really give you a ringing in your ear which I hate! It cant be good for your ear drums. This have a nice balanced frequency and a nice warm clean sounds. Just enough low end and clean mids that fit perfect with what I was looking for. I am very happy that I have the chance to use these headphones. I actually broke then after I had them for a week by accidentally sitting on them but the store replaced them for me because it was in 30 days.

Purchase these headphones if you need a all purpose pair of headphones that can do everything from listening pleasure to professional mixing. These will do the trick. Save up your money if you don’t have it to purchase these. They are well worth the money and will last you a long time. You wont have to replace them unless something bad happens like what happened to me. If you take care of them there is no doubt in my mind, they will last you forever.