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User Review

FABULOUS! - Reviews Sennheiser HD 560

Value For Money : Poor
this headphone on top of the range in his time is still valiant.
used daily for a very long time, it is perfect and still delivers a sound above the fray.

compared to the HD555 and 515 for fun I also possess, he knocked his descendants final.
and this is not the only force of habit that talk, I use many different models of headphones all the time and I usually look for.

the sound is superlative, end class, beautiful .... Details abound, the message can be loaded, nothing ever just upset that magnificent HD560.

its current equivalent is the HD600.

if you find one day this model in hand, jump on it;
but attention to his condition, the membranes are prone to aging, the atria sag over time.
However, all materials are discoverable in spare parts and high prices will be used to negotiate a good price to purchase that wonderful headphone.