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User Review

FAN! - Reviews Pioneer CS-444

Value For Money : Excellent
* For how long have you been using it?
10 years

* What thing do you like most/least about it?
most: the sound!

The sound is really nice, I'm not going to say perfect, because the top spectrum is not perfectly rendered: Without being in front of the tweeter is average, but not completely catastrophic. In front is pretty good. There is also a * SLIGHTLY * trend of the box to resonate to 400Hz (Hz to the ear, I have not measured). Anyway, overall, I use the speakers 1m ~ 1.50m, in the face, and with this arrangement I do not see any unpleasant color, stereo image is very credible and attacks are as sharp as in a headphone (j got a HD437). Compared to the headphone, the top spectrum emerges a bit less, the sound is a bit duller.

I listen to some pretty varied, including electro minimal, and I admit that the bottom spectrum is not badly made. I have a crossover and a subwoofer (Altec cs 21 is not very high end), but I do the bi-amp when I grow copiously sound, not too much torturing my cs444 , or when I'm not in front of speakers (to avoid interference effects and comb).
They go down to 30Hz with a small hollow around 50Hz and a small hump around 90Hz. Personally I cut to 90Hz (with slope 30dB/Oct) and I let my equalo neutral. In acute, they rise to 17kHz.

It is on films that I noticed the little troublesome resonance, especially on female voices taken from near the middle of silence, but no problem with music. With classical music, this might be slightly annoying.
On hard rock, guitar / bass sound really good, listening is a dynamic, no sense of clutter.

40W (RMS) 60W ~ (music) = good enough to listen to music in a living room

The suspension and the membranes are the test of time and ill-treatment (with 40W amp anyway). Tweeter also very strong, it's not Sony!

We do not disassemble the enclosure itself, if a weld farts, hello galley ..

The drapes of fabric: very neutral and clean, but do not protect the speakers blows they receive in a carriage a little rough.

Tweeter: paper cone = fragile, limited viewing angle (no flag, no config Appolito).

* Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Not too long experience in pregnant library (a small share of Sony and mission), somewhat PA (LAcoustic Martin, Nexo ..) returns as a facade.

* What is your opinion about the value for the price?
EXCELLENT, and no annoying default in use near

* Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
For my usage (home, room or nearby), 10 times! I'm in love: D What I like is that they are fairly homogeneous.

I do not note the max for the small resonance and tweeters a bit tight.