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User Review

a reference  for jazz / blues - Reviews DeArmond X155

Made in Korea around 1999, with high luthery standard, the finish is worthy of the finest jazz guitars, very nice paint. Mine is natural wood (maple I think), and the body is beautifully veined. Neck is made of two parts, whose connection is discernible near the headstock.
The bridge is made of wood (probably rosewood) and the tailpece is a chrome beauty with the acronym DeArmond.
The neck is quite nice with a flattish radius reminiscent of Gibsons, although thinner.
2 tone and 2 volumes
Pickups are the highly praised Goldtone DeArmond humbuckers, a reference! 2volumes/2tonalités and switch 3 positions for the selection of microphones
the wrong note if there must be a side finishing is the pearl on the fretboard landmarks that are a little "cheap


ergonomics are excellent, the handling is fun and if I knew handles faster, it is still very pleasant given the measurements of the body much larger than my Gretsch 5120 for example and thickest guess that's a credit and not half a box (like gretsch) for access to acute faudrat it to settle for 14th after box is to show off .. big heel and impressive body requires. .
on the sound, it's very good microphones that come into play, the settings are very simple, volume and tone controls and switches for selecting micro rocket science.


this guitar is perfect for jazz, blues and can be very nervous to rock too, DeArmond pickups are a marvel of fullness and dynamism, the sound is very warm even on an amp transistors, these goldtone suportent very good saturation, with a beautiful grain in a good spirit vintage is soft and bright at the same time! the microphones serious my preference is often the case on all my guitars (maybe because I'm the bass player based ..) the intermediate position is interesting for rhythmic cleans well, is easy to quench in a spirit rockab 50's by adding some delay, the bridge pickup is perfect for solos or large rock frenzied rhythmic sharp
in my case when I play, blues jazz comes naturally, this is the style that I think it gives the best of itself. plugged into a head lamp 18watts/éminence 12 'is very hot and even my excellent little roland cube 30, the sound is the maximum score!


I had it for a few days and I already feel emotional ties to this lovely lady, she completes my little collection of guitars with perfection, certainly the most beautiful, certainly a very beautiful Acquisition much more versatile than the X135 and 3 times less expensive than a gibson alongside which it does not pale in comparison to those who still hesitate, start up, it's a safe bet that is increasingly desired, hurry up, its coast continues to climb ..