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User Review

mixed! - Reviews Ibanez AF75

I do not know too much history of the guitar ... japan or korea surely!
she is pretty, well finished and pleasing to the touch!

2 humbuckers, 3 position selector ... Brief classic!


throughout the guitar neck and comfortable, but a bit cumbersome in the standards of this style of guitar.
for the rest unremarkable except the beautiful bridge!


it's a gift .. ! I wanted a guitar style ES335 and Father Christmas dropped me this ibanez!

well I do not know why, I find it not sound this guitar!
I do not know quite how to explain, I can not found the sound "johnny be good"!

While this is not a gibson 335, but I thought I could find it but its not!

I read it is typed jazz ... but now I can not make it sound like I want to blow the little I play.

in "sound" ... I metallic sounds coming out of the box ... I do not know where it comes from!
suddenly I find this guitar very average ....


... the worst is having to keep! it can not be separated from a gift like that!

... never mind, I found the console pretty!

In short, I do not get along with this guitar and if I had the choice again I will try to see one epiphone!