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User Review

The perfect amp for the beginner ... and maybe more - Reviews Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V

80 Hybrid w. 1 12AX7 preamp / amp transistors. There is no dynamic bad for a transistor amplifier and is not eaten by the drums and bass. On condition of not being next to a tube amp, of course, much more dynamic.


The clean sounds are not terrible. The satisfactory crunch sounds. Are obtained "metal" sounds very good, quite satisfactory as well (but without the natural compression of lamps), and this is important, it respects the guitar that amplifies.


We are talking about a sound that wants Marshallian. And indeed, we are on those lands. Of course, it is far from a JCM 800. But the spirit of the brand is there. I play metal for almost thirty years (and punk, and hardcore ... well, stuff rather hairy, what) and I have always found my happiness (or almost). It is of course that I do not amuse myself, as some would do, play my minx like "oh I have a I compared my Bogner ;; well then ... he is really a lot less. " You amaze me !!! We are talking about a hybrid amp that no longer exists as OCCAZ 200 balls. And in this category, I put him a good 8 ... because I play metal and it is perfect for this style.


I bought this amp in 1994, I think. At the time, this amp was great because it allowed not too expensive to afford an amp with a sound approaching lights (the only amp before this one were transistors or lamps. But these were priceless to that time, much more expensive than today proportionately). I scoured the scenes, coffee backrooms of the most beautiful rooms in all conditions, carted in the trunk of the car, he took bowls and bread not possible. Yet he never let go. I've had several amps lamps theoretically much better (and Ultra + Peavey 5150, JCM800) ,. But he will never leave me. I still use it every day with as much fun (besides, I still play hardcore and metal). This is a wonderful amp amp for beginners (or for home exercise old fogies like me): simple, reliable, and will largely for the first gigs ... I say beginner but I know it is found in many pro studios where it is used for some overdubs (eg besides the studios I attended, I saw behind Toni Iommi, in the studio, in a doc on recording the new album Black Sabbath). What more?