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User Review

Devast's review - Marshall AVT20

SERIES Valvestate 2000
- Hybrid Combo 20 watts
- The lamp is Prampli ECC83 (12AX7), the rest transistors
- HP 12 ""
- 2 channels (Clean, Overdrive)
- Rverbe
- Equalizer (treeble, mid, bass)
Cot inputs / outputs it is served:
- Between CD
- Headphone Jack
- Line out
- Support for HP
A not: no pedal to switch between the channels and no effect Intgr.


I had not yet bought new manual!
Any way I frankly did not need it.
It's not rocket science with the equalizer, gain, and volume.
the little button on the left c is to change the channel ... short simple.


Already good sound when you play with one senses that it is of Marshall, there is no comparison. (Already a good sign)

- Canal clean: it is the highlight of the beast. The sound is known to be warm and crystalline. This is where we feel that we have the preamp a lamp. It's really good at this level, nothing else to add.

- Overdrive channel: Oh by the cons .... while drinking a good old blues or rock do not even think about it for the metal. Can not have a big sound interesting. In most cases the distortion s'embale and loses its sharpness.

The reverb is very good quality and apreciation.
I put 7 / 10 but you must understand 5 / 10 for overdrive and 9 / 10 to clean.


Overall it is a proper amp.
One could blame him a bit of a lack of sharpness throughout.
It costs about 350 and it's been a year since I have it.
I also use a fender (all transistor) at the same price but I do not find that warmth in the clear.
The AVT-20 is a 20W on which you can easily work on but it is a banned group because when the volume is growing much (I mean a lot!) The sound quickly becomes bad. And yes it is not light!
It deserves, however, are well 7 / 10 gnral.