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User Review

benbeck's review - Marshall VS265R

-Transistor amplifier
-2 Channels Clean / OD, dual channel distortion, volume settings / equalizer for each channel
-chorus/reverb common, but switch on / off the effects of each channel
-2 X 65 Watts
Effects loop-MONO
Direct Output-two outputs, two speaker outputs for ADDITIONAL
Open-back of the combo, allowing to store cables and footswitch VERY handy for gigs :-)
Strong-finishing & Marshall


-I never read any manual, unless there's nothing really works in less than 10 minutes.
Here c-clear: branch, and you turn the knobs "volume"
-A typical transistor, I would never compare it to a tube sound ...
Very versatile, we regret the stereo effect loop to its predecessor the 8280.
-Coupled with my GX700, the beast spit venom easier because, admittedly, the distortion channels are ... Rather mild and friendly than aggressive and deep.
-To add the additional baffle: put the combo on, connect the cables and enjoy :-) The difference is striking power.


As I said, there's no lights. some c ... light for many of the large metal Bourin. There's no photo, compare apples to apples. That's rock while nice, unpretentious.

I quite like the reliability of the machine. NEVER any worries. Sound still too powerful, even in the face of live lamps.

I put 6 PCQ simply that it would be any more my style. For the rest it is an investment that I made almost 10 years ago (or now, I know ... it goes too fast). I have never regretted it, until my first tube preamp ...

Indeed, that is why he is for sale! :-) (Benoit.becker @


Always used, I wanted to replace my old 8080 (bin like everyone else, I had one) by 8280 (very nice stereo effects), but Marshall had come to market. The vs265 attracted me so there are now nearly 10 years.

At the time, not possible to achieve the budget for mesa or laney or tsl and good ... I had an undeniably attractive price ...

7 J'lui dishes because he deserves, but will not make this choice taking into account my current requirements (income / sound / experience /...)