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User Review

yoTrakkz's review - AKG C 12

The AKG C 12 mic is one of the best tube condenser mics in history, flat out! It is a ide address, large diaphragm design. The AKG c 12 is a top of the line mic and is the reason a lot of other mic exist such as the 414 series and the Telefunken’s Ela M 250. A lot of modern manufacturers have come out with products that are trying to emulate the AKG c 12. But none of them can compare to this high quality mic.


We have used these mics in several different studio’s and are looking to purchase one of our own soon. We have used this mic for a lot of RnB recordings because of the range that it can pick up. Its truly amazing. Not too mention how it sounds with live instrument recordings especially the grand piano. It picks it up perfectly that if you hear it played back you will think the piano is being played live right in front of you . That is the whole purpose of recording live instruments is to give the listen the feeling of sitting in front of the actual instrument and hearing it played live.

Overall there are a ton of mics on the market and a lot of them have the same specs, but this one is the originator for a lot of these mics that are coming out now. It was way ahead of its time, this mic will be very expensive if you can come across one. They are very hard to find, believe me I am currently looking to buy one. It will cost a pretty penny but its worth it, the quality is outstanding not to mention the look and feel of it. It has a lot of weight too it, it feels like a mic should feel. This mic was used through the mid 60’s and 70’s and has recorded a ton of hits. This is the one!