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User Review

My Grail - Reviews G&L L-2000 Lefty

The specifications were discussed exhaustively in previous opinions, do not bother to come back to my senses.

What characterizes this low for me:

- Profile handle perfect for me (and it's pretty darn important). With small hands, I have long stuck on 38 at nut. It exceeds 40 but with a thinner profile than a JB, and it is nickel (the type of race we forget playing)

- A violin and a veeeeeery fittings of good quality (the bridge yum!)

- Electronic and combinations with really full microphones (it can be smooth, it may growl, active or passive ... it can do and do well)


The handle is perfect (for bibi)

Some (s) is the heavy personal at all. very well balanced, the gameplay is excellent.

I was rather reluctant to active, but L 2000 is not too complicated, it quickly finds three quarters sounds for fun at first ... and mumuse done quickly with switches and knobs, and then discovers the possibilities of the beast


It should completely that I play with my band (pop / rock) but not that ... I think we can do ANYTHING with this bass.

I use a LM markbass tube and 2x12 TecAmp not break it ... too bad!

side sounds, I love everything ... period. Well ... it's become my main bass, and it will remain so long ... I must not be more objective!


Used for 2 months, but I let go of it since (except for a passage to a painter ... btw, look no finish mine pictured)

I had a crush on L 2000 tribute to Pigalle, already a very good model. I Guinea arrowroot this occas U.S. at a good price, and I do not regret ABSOLUTELY is my grail!