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User Review

Toxik117's review - Ibanez GSR200L

Me I ordered this bass from France, it has 22 frets, I think there are two singles and a double pickups. You can adjust the sound of the pickups but there is no special configuration and a handle end and smooth, really for a beginner I think it's great


The handle is very nice and we end slides right over, but access to the treble is hot enough for there last 6 frets that are on the lower body and when you play standing c is not clear. It is not too heavy, has a nice shape, black color is very good (sharp fingerprints and dust on the other hand). Frankly, it has a good sound, nearly a year since I am always very happy and I will not change.


I play the Hardrock / metal / speedmétal and I'm pretty proud of that because with his low round end, there are no issues regarding to "stroll" on the handle, I played with a Hartke amp 30W (when I'm all alone) and group I have a Roland 100W I do not use special effects if not the chorus, delay, or a bass equalizer funds
All the effects and adjustments him go well, I'm not disappointed even a pedalboard with a popping sound at max love
I love the chord of half empty, it's my favorite sound, but not at all like the last string.


I have this bass for a year. I love color, sonoritée, shape, etc. Everything.
Since I am left handed I board had the opportunity to try only 3 or 4 models but the one that pleased me the most and the more it is not very expensive for its qualitée.
I think if I had the choice I would resume the same, I'm not disappointed at all and I highly recommend.