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Well, he moved quad - Reviews Flux :: Pure Limiter v3

Installation: is the concern

I recently changed my PC, so reinstalled all my plugin.
Also changed the laptop, I found myself facing a similar situation to this RSS plugin.

So here, after downloading the latest version, drive for installation. Firstly on the laptop. And, big block! After starting installation seems correct, a window says "A file is required That can not be installed Because the cabinet file C: Has an invalid signatures This May Indicate That The cabinet file is corrupt." .. .

On this, I retélécharge the installer, I change USB etc etc, and each installation, even circus! At this time, the laptop was not on the internet. I make my internet connection, telling me that I'll download it directly (though reluctantly, I wanted to keep not connected), and then for fun, I retry the install using a file on a USB key. And then it works.

The problem is that my workstation is not connected, and I have the same worries.

I contacted 3 times assistance with flow

My first request went unanswered

My second complaint gave rise to a late response "is probably the cache is corrupted, you can take the remote control?". And no, dear sir, my station is not connected, it will not be possible ... As a result, my second petition has simply disappeared.

My third complaint remained unanswered for 15 days is just the same as that which has disappeared, hoping to get an answer.


When it works (quad he deigns to install), the plug entirely satisfactory.
Consumption has not seemed to me important, and configurations that worked, I did not have particular concerns


With experience, it is certain that I will not repeat that choice. It is obvious that I especially need a limiter on my workstation on the laptop or any other conclusion, in order to continue working, I can buy a limiter. I was really starting to buy French, especially the quality of the plugin, but it's pretty amazing to have the dev has 120 kms from home, and assistance ghost. I regret not having kept the old installer, which I think needs to be effective, as on the old computer, it was installed without connection.

I had some trouble reinstalling my plugins, some of which were my fault (loss of mail with serial number), and RSS is the only developer who has left me stranded ...