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User Review

Sebastien Goyet's review - Hohner Melodica Piano 32 Jubilee 50th Anniversary

I have this beautiful melodica for two weeks.

What has guided my choice is already generally agreed that the classic model (Piano 32) concerning the sound quality. Then it's look great! I've disguised my keytar (AX-1) to get all the black keys (I'm sick of keyboards "white-black "...) and there was a melodica all black and red look great!

This is my first melodica, difficult to give a note about sound quality, but frankly I find it incredibly beautiful! Having fun playing the Thielmans Toots is a joy. Yes, I intend to personally use it more for jazz and soul, I find his hyper adapted.

I also read that it was difficult to make a "pitch bend" with a melodica, well with it just a break violently to lower the pitch of the note, super effective, easier to carry in severe than in the treble, it is probably a little practice.

What is the price is the color! It is much more expensive than the classic version, so it's really the choice of the look. I paid 160 euros in France because I ask my favorite store to make an effort rather than ordering from the outset in Germany, not to mention the difference in customer service!

Obviously, if we compare a conventional Piano 32 bought 69 euros in Germany, I paid dearly, but I knew all the prices (also in Germany my model still costs 145 euros), it really choosing the look and the beautiful object and rare (600 copies worldwide, my dealer has almost did not make the order.)


I love the sound, as a curiosity it would be fun to compare with the sound of 32 classic piano, but I guess that's exactly the same instrument.

Otherwise, cover specific (with the inscription "50th Anniversary Jubilee" in short), pipe (which I do not use it) and two short mouths, one black and one red. Ah yes, there is also a small doc, a small pub "50th Anniversary" and the famous door-partitions that should not serve me much either ...

I put 10 even without trying something else, because the sound is beautiful, and unique look, anyway ...

26/02/2010: I drop a little note for the moment because the high E has become difficult to play (he was forced to get a semblance of sound). First return for service, it makes me not repaired. Second return, but ditto with the mid and the detuned! Third return, the note is working again, but the detuning makes it unusable. My dealer friend passed me squarely in the Hohner repairman on the phone, he explains that Melodica is never fair, etc. ... Well, that I understood, but there is not the tuning "normal" a Melodica, there are two notes flatly false. So it will still re-grant ... I wait, but in any case he told me that although Melodica is more or less "disposable", it really encouraged to put money!

(Ben is more than image? Well, I shall return!)